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I was very pleased with Hélène’s professionalism in handling the trial. If she found anything frustrating (whether it was us as attorneys or the periodic equipment malfunctions), it never showed, and she maintained the same calm, appropriate demeanor no matter what was going on in the courtroom.
I think, though, that I was most impressed with her overall skills as an interpreter. She was able to keep up with us even when we were talking quickly, and on those occasions when we did go too fast or were talking over each other, she didn’t hesitate to let us know what was going on (believe it or not, that doesn’t always happen). And I was very, very happy with the actual interpretation she provided. Although I’m not a native speaker, I am lucky enough to speak and understand French, and at the points when I was able to focus on her interpretation, I was glad to hear everything we said being interpreted concisely and very clearly. I can’t tell you how much of a gift it is not to have to worry that the defendant did not understand the proceedings. Overall, I was entirely impressed with her as an interpreter, and would welcome the chance to work with her again in the future.
— Rachel A. Jefferson Deputy Prosecuting Attorney - Marion County, Indiana
Hélène is wonderful to work with! She handles translations for two of my top medical equipment clients and she does a marvelous job. Reviewers that have proven to be challenging in the past are impressed with her work. In addition to providing excellent translation, she is always very responsive and has terrific turn around on project requests.
— Sarah Van Lanen, Project Manager at the Geo Group Corp.
Hélène is always our first choice for any hearing or trial since she is one of two certified interpreters in the entire state. She always arrives on time and prepares for her assignments just as an attorney would. She is courteous with the staff and individuals for whom she interprets, is unobtrusive and very knowledgeable in legalese. It is a pleasure to do business with her.
— Catherine Piña-Arrieta, Cleveland Municipal Court Interpreter Coordinator
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hélène on numerous legal translation assignments into French. I greatly value the quality of her work, her attention to details, her integrity and responsiveness, even under pressure. She is a real team player and I look forward to our next project together.
— Jacqueline Eparvier, ATA Certified Translator
We loved working with Hélène Conte!
We needed our French Camp fundraising material translated into French, and she more than exceeded our expectations.
Her style is impeccable and she delivered right on time.
We will definitely work with her again!
— Doc & Anne Harrill, Founders of Refresh Collective - Cleveland, OH
Hélène has translated several medical documents for me.
She does an excellent job; she is very professional and
her services are rendered in a timely manner.
I highly recommend her!
— Patricia Rebac
I highly recommend the translation services of Mrs. Hélène Conte. She was very prompt with her communications with me when I inquired about her ability to translate a divorce decree from English into French. She was also very transparent about her fees and timeline for completion of the project. The translation was on point. It was a pleasure to do business with Hélène.
— Vanessa Eymann
Hélène Conte offre un service professionnel et courtois en tous points. Elle a pris le temps de répondre à mes questions et mes attentes. Elle m’a communiqué des dates de délais réalistes et s’est ensuite tenue à ces délais, me tenant informé des différentes étapes au fur à mesure qu’elle avançait. La traduction finale est soignée à tous les niveaux – aussi bien en ce qui concerne les questions linguistiques que la présentation – et reflète fidèlement l’original. A la vue des prestations, les honoraires demandés sont tout à fait justifiés.
— Jérôme Camal
I found Hélène Conte through the American Translators Association database. Even though at first blush she had all the certifications I was looking for, I didn’t know what it would be like to work with her. I emailed her about my need for official documents to be translated from English to French, along with several questions about how we’d work together since we’d never be meeting in person. She thoughtfully and patiently answered all my queries, and all my follow-up questions, too. More than this, she asked me questions about the nature of my project, and let me know there were additional elements for me to consider. This gave me total confidence that Hélène had a lot of experience, and was thinking about my best interests in the bigger picture. Once I provided the documents, she kept me apprised of her progress at every step. So while I’d paid up front, I had no doubt that she was working on my behalf. Mind you, Hélène didn’t quote me the least expensive fee among the translators I’d consulted. Nor did she quote me the highest. But for the top-notch quality she produced, her fees are a real value. I will work with Hélène again in a heartbeat. If I could give one of those (simplistic) star ratings, I’d easily give five out of five stars. I highly, highly recommended Hélène.
— Haig Chahinian
Helene is an amazing professional. I worked with her in a conference with a very dynamic and technical workload, and she was always early and well prepared. Even when technical difficulties came up, she kept a great positive attitude.
More recently I had the pleasure to participate in a presentation she made at the American Translators Association where she had a room packed with fellow professionals who were actively engaged and thanked her with a standing ovation.
I recommend her services as a conference interpreter by virtue of experience and also as a judiciary interpreter by virtue of the knowledge she demonstrated in the presentation.
— Everton Morais, Conference Interpreter
Hélène and I have been collaborating for the past 12 years. Hélène is always on top things: when we translate together, brainstorm on the right terminology, fine-tune the tone and style of French text, she never leaves any stone unturned.
Hélène is enthusiastic about her work, detail-oriented, and passionate about our profession. Her being as good of a translator as she is an interpreter shows her dedication to the language industry. She also has a vast network of linguists though her commitment to the ATA in Northeast Ohio. Hélène is definitely a good professional to have in your contact list!
— Anne Chemali, Freelance Translator since 1996
I have had the great pleasure of working with Hélène on translation and interpretation projects on several occasions over the past couple of years. Hélène is a very thorough translator and interpreter. I especially appreciate her conscientious approach. She always devotes the time necessary to preparation before interpreting assignments and to researching the fields she does translation work in to insure performance at the highest level. She is professional, ethical and a team player. She is at the top of my list for recommendations!
— Isabelle Olesen, ATA-Certified Translator, Court Certified Interpreter, AIIC Member