Translation — a craft at the crossroad of ART and SCIENCE.

Just like it takes time and skills to prepare a quality document (i.e. press release, user manual, medical report), it takes time and skills to produce a quality translation that is appropriate for the document’s purpose and its target audience.

When you contact Hélène, send your document(s) and tell her who the translation’s target audience will be: professionals (law, medical, and technical), lay public (adults, children, youth), all French-speaking populations vs. target populations (French Canadian, Congolese, European French, etc.), or foreign administrations. She will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Hélène specializes in the following areas, with an emphasis on the judicial and the medical:

  • Judicial (incl. court rulings, trial transcripts, complaints, summons, legal forms)

  • Official documents (with apostille, if needed)

  • Medical (incl. neurology, psychology, oncology)

  • Human Resources

  • Market Research

  • Humanitarian

  • Environmental

  • Technical (incl. computer science & IT)

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Hélène is wonderful to work with! She handles translations for two of my top medical equipment clients and she does a marvelous job. Reviewers that have proven to be challenging in the past are impressed with her work. In addition to providing excellent translation, she is always very responsive and has terrific turn around on project requests.
— Sarah Van Lanen, Project Manager at the Geo Group Corp.
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