·         ATA-Certified Translator [English>French, 2018]

·         Supreme Court of Ohio Certified Interpreter [French language, 2015]; reciprocity with Kentucky and Indiana.

·         U.S. State Department Translation Exam, 2016

·         ATA Speaker [American Translators Association], 2018

·         Native French speaker with yearly visits to France

·         Dedicated to faithfully translating source message while upholding the integrity of the target language's intricacies

·         Flexible scheduling to accommodate client needs, with a strong commitment to deadline 

·         Regular participation in seminars and continued education classes (such as MOOCs or COURSERA) in language and judicial studies, as well as industry-related conferences

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I was very pleased with Hélène’s professionalism in handling the trial. If she found anything frustrating (whether it was us as attorneys or the periodic equipment malfunctions), it never showed, and she maintained the same calm, appropriate demeanor no matter what was going on in the courtroom.
I think, though, that I was most impressed with her overall skills as an interpreter. She was able to keep up with us even when we were talking quickly, and on those occasions when we did go too fast or were talking over each other, she didn’t hesitate to let us know what was going on (believe it or not, that doesn’t always happen). And I was very, very happy with the actual interpretation she provided. Although I’m not a native speaker, I am lucky enough to speak and understand French, and at the points when I was able to focus on her interpretation, I was glad to hear everything we said being interpreted concisely and very clearly. I can’t tell you how much of a gift it is not to have to worry that the defendant did not understand the proceedings. Overall, I was entirely impressed with her as an interpreter, and would welcome the chance to work with her again in the future.
— Rachel A. Jefferson Deputy Prosecuting Attorney - Marion County, Indiana
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